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'Give and you will get back' and 'what goes around comes around,' so the sayings goes.  Whether it's been your prerogative to subscribe to these proverbs or not, the fact is there are children around the world that need help. And with the assistance of brands like Twins, giving is easy. Working under the philosophy of 'Be Cool, Be Good', this footwear company provides one pair of shoes to a person in need with every pair sold. Hello Karma points! While this soul of soles organization has humanitarianism at heart, they also have a knack for design (lucky us!). The '50s looking sneakers are offered in some great colorways with white piping and the cutest logo of two elephants wearing crowns. So before you go to buy your second pair of whatever, think twice, and hop onto the Twins site. It's like getting and getting back. Now that's a proverb you shouldn't have any trouble with.

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