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Beck's new album takes karaoke to a new level

Beck couldn't be boring if he tried. From his first studio album, Mellow Gold to his innovative follow-up Odelay, to his hugely successful Sea Change, Beck has been producing music that is wholly unexpected for almost two decades. His latest, set to be released in December 2012, Sheet Music is literally just that—twenty pages of sheet music open for interpretation. Teaming up with McSweeney's Publishing, Beck and a team of amazing artists, including Marcel DzamaLeanne ShaptonJosh CochranJessica Hische, and many more put together twenty full-color "heyday-of-home-play-inspired" artwork to accompany every song. Each piece of art (including a foreword by Beck) is included in a lavish hard-cover case. Interpretations of the songs will be included on the McSweeney's website after the album's release. Time to start honing our musical chops.

See more of Beck's Sheet Music below.

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