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Cher's son Chaz makes the change from female to male in a new documentary, Becoming Chaz

Let's pretend that none of us have watched Oprah's channel, aka OWN Network, and say that there's a first time for everything. Your golden opportunity to diversify your TV watching habits will occur on May 10th at 8pm for the premiere of Becoming Chaz. From the production team that brought us RuPaul's Drag Race, Becoming Chaz is a much more serious (i.e. glitter-free) look at transgendered culture. Chaz, formally known as Chastity, is documented throughout his female to male transition. The joys, sorrows and fears of the VIPs in his life play a significant role in the story--featuring his girlfriend and his superstar of a mother, Cher.

"Could it be possible that the fact that Chaz is now a man is somehow Cher's fault?" asks Cintra Wilson in her New York Times article, where she explores these sorts of questions. Questions that Wilson says Cher grapples with in the documentary. Instead of Drag Race, she got a daughter who wants to shave her face. Would it have been easier if her kid was male-to-female? It's likely an unanswerable question, but it will be interesting to see if that comes up in the documentary.

The part we're looking forward to is when Chaz drops some science on us about the effects of testosterone. He told Wilson that the hormone makes, "talking and gossiping really grating" and he, "got way more gadget-oriented." His honesty and chubby-faced charisma in interviews already had him beating Thomas Beatie for our favorite transgendered advocate and now he's solving man mysteries. He also says in Wilson's article that, "I would be a great marriage counselor. I know the difference that hormones really make." Chaz, the Marriage Counselor. If the producers don't already have that one in the works, they're fools.

Check out the doc on OWN Network at 8pm, May 10th and let us know what you think!

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