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Mother Nature has always been the best artist

French artiste Hubert Duprat, came up with the idea of supplying caddisfly larvae with gold leaf and stone materials. Caddis flies have been collaborating with Duprat since the early 1980s when he observed people panning for gold in Southwestern France and conceived the idea. The flies usually spin their protective sheaths (created as their bodies develop from larvae to mature flies) out of silk and nearby natural materials including plant, mineral, fish bone or shells. Duprat instead provides the tiny artists with their own studio of sorts and materials ranging from the gold specks featured prevalently in the mini cocoons to turquoise, coral, pearls and even diamonds. As with humans, the French naturalist noticed that some of the larvae are better adept at handling material and may be artistic prodigies of the fly world. The effect is gross and beautiful--a juxtaposition very much at place in the human art realm as well as in the bug sphere.

How insane if Duprat could repurpose these into jewelry? See more of the Duprat caddisfly creations below.

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