News__ Bensimon Spring/Summer ’10

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Perhaps not everyone wears Bensimon shoes yet, but with what they have in store for Spring/Summer 2010, they're well on their way. Here's a first look at what the new collection has to offer, including some new limited edition pieces.

A new basic joins the French brand’s four existing styles: La Tennis Nils. As an easy-going take on the desert boot, this addition will likely become a favorite soon after it becomes available for the SS ’10 season.

A new limited edition style in the form of a bootie with wrap around suede laces: Les boots femme.

Also appearing as a limited edition for Bensimon S/S ’10 are the liberty prints. Ranging in pinks, blues, and yellows, it’s hard to choose.

Madewell also has a special Bensimon liberty exclusive in their blue colorway coming out.

Come April 2010 you can start searching for all of these styles.

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