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"Get a haircut and get a real job."

We're sorry for our friends, the DJ, photojournalist and newspaper reporter--but according to this list you have some of the worst jobs around. You even placed lower than the nuclear plant decontamination technician. And to all the mathematicians, parole officers and aerospace engineers, congrats. You scored pretty high.

Using information from the Labor Dept. and U.S. Census, CareerCast ranked 200 jobs based on things like pay, work environment, stress, physical demands and job outlook. We knew we should have listened to our mothers when they told us to become software engineers, which got the number 1 spot. Oh wait, that never happened.

This list not only says somethign about us as people in 2011 (dietitians, actuaries and occupational therapists ranked high), but may have us rethinking that career as a loan officer. Check out the list of Best and Worst Jobs here. And feel free to wallow in your own misery when you find yourself in the bottom 50.

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