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Mercibeaucoup honors japanese street style at Tokyo Fashion Week

Domo arigato, Japan, for reminding us that fashion should never be taken too seriously. Tokyo Fashion Week came to a close over the weekend, and we thought we’d round some of our favorite looks to showcase the country’s playful approach to fashion.

It’s really all in the details, and this year’s highlights include Mercibeaucoup’s coffee cup pockets, DressCamp’s leafy green skirts, and Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets’ pom-pom polka dots. Even some of the more understated designs had their share of quirks. Christian Dada’s somber goth looks were austere and minimal, save for the amazing raven-winged shoes. G.V.G.V. used lots of black leather for their vampy, bdsm-inspired outfits, but added a touch of Fred Flinstone with cheeto-colored checks and leopard print. Finally, Fleamadonna was the perfect mix of posh and zany, matching regal fur coats with see-thru plastic accessories.

Check out the rest of our round-up of runway looks from Tokyo Fashion Week 2013 below.


Gut's Dynamite Cabarets:

Christian Dada:



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