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When putting this list together, we brought in the troops to find out what off the radar music blogs were favorites. Yes, there's your front runners (often elitist) blogs that everyone knows about, but what else is out there for good music? There's no way the online music sphere is run by like two blogs, so we compiled a list of other options to check out. These blogs may not get as many comments, but they host great music.

Annabel Recommends:

YO FAGGOT - Although this blog is seldom updated anymore, it still hosts an eclectic mix of obscure albums (Bizzy B, Throbbing Gristle, Albert Ayler to Titus Andronicus) you would like to have sex with John Mayer to.

Kenza Recommends:

OFWGKTA -You know when you go to a pie eating contest and instead of competing you just walk around innocently and dip your finger into every flavor of pastry? A little sample of everything, yeah? Tastes good. Just like this blog.

TRUMBULL ISLAND - For the sophisticated snobs who like to know the history.

Mish Recommends:

KILLED BY DEATH - You want rare punk 7 inches that your uncle might have in his basement but will never show you? Troll on over to K.B.D and you'll feel home again.

GHOST CAPITAL - Every rare female vocalist from China to France to the USA. You will be spell bound by these precious angels.

ID REVERBERATIONS - Feeling like psyche, clean-cut low-fi or a quick dose of some weirdo African band you don't understand? This blog takes you to records you never thought existed and makes you wish you'd kept it that way.

LOS-RES VISCERA - Punk, hardcore, math rock, metal and lust. Dreams made of spit.

HOPELESS - Everything from Julian Cope to The Surf Drums to Psychedelic Furs to The Amps to Crazyhead. This is a mixed bag of California beach tunes, 80s Brit-pop and everything you are embarrassed to like.

Jess Recommends:

YOU HEARD THAT NEW - This blog fosters a mix of Beyond The Scenes videos, Q & A, news and viral favorites of the hip hop world.

HERFECTION - Hosted by Heather Widener aka h.e.r.

THE SMOKING SECTION - Uh, in case you didn't notice, Jess is into hip hop.

Charlotte Recommends:

A SONG A DAY FOR A YEAR - Charlotte's pal Davey wrote a song for every day of 2010. Dedication station.

KEXP BLOG - Seattle's indie radio station brings digestible updates to go with your morning coffee. Stream shows too.

PLUG FIVE PROJECT - Get the first taste of new bands straight to your inbox. A blog for the lazy who love music.

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