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Raise your hand if you cried

Beyoncé tore it up Superbowl Sunday. This is a known, not to be disputed, fact. Really, that’s all that can be said about the performance without transitioning into nonsensical B worship (see Twitter). Just watch.

But let’s toast Mr. Rubin Singer as well while we’re singing the Queen’s praises. The man is responsible for all 120 plus of the back up dancer’s costumes and is, of course, the mastermind behind the python and iguana stripped concoction Beyoncé (and her dancing clones) donned Sunday night. Who’s got the jump on imitation suits?

Singer said he had a Valkyrie (a mythological maiden who slays men in battle) in mind when designing the bodysuit. See the sketch above. This is appropriate since Beyoncé slayed the performance, the haters, the what have you. Bravo Rubin Singer.

Can't get enough of Queen B? Beyoncé also announced post performance her intent to take over the world via tour. The “Mrs. Carter Show” begins in Europe and ends in Brooklyn, Mr. Carter’s childhood home. Adorable.

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