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Björk brings together music and science in her new video "Hollow"

When you think about Björk, you imagine her up to something weird. And we don't mean weird in a bad way, but more in the way of something interesting, yet...weird. For her latest video "Hollow" she worked with a biomedical animator and the result is beautiful kaleidoscope-looking moving images. Whether your a fan of the song or not, it's an interesting cross section between genres of science and music. In an email to NPR she describes the idea behind Hollow as:

It's just the feeling when you start thinking about your ancestors and DNA that the grounds open below you and you can feel your mother and her mother, and her mother, and her mother, and her mother 30,000 years back. So suddenly you're this kinda tunnel, or trunk of DNA ... All these ghosts come up so it ended up begin a Halloween song and quite gothic in a way ... It's like being part of this everlasting necklace when you're just a bead on a chain and you sort of want to belong and be a part of it and it's just like a miracle.

If you happen to have missed the release of of her new video for "Hollow" on NPR two weeks ago because you were doing something weird too, not to worry--here it is again. Watch Björk's video for "Hollow" below.

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