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We have a not so secret and slightly incestuous crush on our friend, brother and at times personal DJ, DJ Psychology. Despite the fact our purses have come in close contact with his turntables on one too many drunken nights, Psychology still loves the hearty ladies. Having opened for tons of big names in hip hop including Wu Tang, Nas, and Kweli, Psych has managed to hype some of the hardest crowds, while looking good--fly gear and impeccable style and color coordination. Managing a weekly residency at Tokyo Nightclub in Montreal, opening for big shows and his regular 'Diamond in The Rough' sessions, Psych is also the father of a beautiful boy, who we already know will be breaking hearts with the claim to fame: "My daddy is Dj Psychology!" Watch out hearty chicks, Dj Psychology II might be hitting a club near you in the coming years.

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