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Blood Orange's new music video takes collaging to another level

Inspired by Duke Nukem and Second Life, the video for Blood Orange's "Champagne Coast" features 3D dancing girls in 2D bedrooms. The throwback video game look was created by stylist/artist Haley Wollens and producer Maya Barrera. They scoured through interior design magazines and photographs of real teenager's bedroom walls. A little animation and editing by Andreas "Nout" Schmidt and Jude Miller-Chapin, respectively, and voilà.

In an interview with the New York Times, Wollens said that she teamed up with Dev Hynes of Blood Orange after friending him on Facebook because she "loved his music." It seems somewhat appropriate that an internet-age collaboration begets stylized retro progeny.

Check out more images from Blood Orange's "Champagne Coast" and see the full video below.

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