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Check out our interview wih Jess Scott, one third of the band Brilliant Colors.

Brilliant Colors is a San Francisco-based noise-pop all-girl trio who released their first album, Introducing Brilliant Colors, in 2009. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Jess Scott formed the band in 2007 but it took her awhile to furnish the outfit with Diane Anastasio and Michelle Hill. Together they create songs that blend muffled catchy vocals with distorted guitar rock--perfect for long drives towards the ocean.

Coming off tour and about to release their EP Again and Again on July 19th, we caught up with Jess to talk about their last supper, if their haircuts represent their personalities and how living out of a van on tour is a luxury.

Where in the world are you right now?

We didn't really check email or check into the Internet on tour, so now we're home back in San Francisco!

What's the last meal you ate together?

Michelle stayed in Philly with her parents and Diane and I went back to Brooklyn and got pizza. She got cheese and some kind of pepperoni roll thing. I got mysterious meat kind with blobs of ricotta all over it.

Do your haircuts accurately represent your personalities?

Michelle and Diane have amazing curly hair. I don't think they brush it really, they're always winding it around their hands. I’m totally a bowl obviously--I just wasn't made for these times!

What's the one thing you each make sure to always have on tour?

I lost all my guitar pedals on tour so I don't even know how to answer this one now. I guess after that I’d say a round brush to fluff my 'do, Diane has like one pair of underwear but multiple studded belts, Michelle never leaves home without her Dead Milkmen shirt!

What's the worst part about living out of a van?

We actually toured in our friend's sedan--vans are a luxury we cannot afford! I don't think there's much of a difference except you always have to be unpacking a million fucking things to find that semi-clean pair of socks.

What's the best part about living out of a van?

My secret world!

Favorite city so far? Why?

I think our best show was at Problem House in Boston. It felt like we played a million shows in New York and so it was really fun there too, people were really nice about putting stuff on there. Ann Arbor was completely insane, we made it to the show at midnight and there were a ton of people out. No offense to Montreal but we didn't even get paid and Michelle and Diane had to sleep in the car!

Who are some interesting people you've met on tour?

We toured this trip with the Beets, a brilliant scratchy pop band from Queens, New York. Juan, Jose, Chie, and Matt are funnest kids ever!

If you could tour with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

Happy as is actually, touring with the Beets and over in the UK with la la Vasquez feels perfect. I don’t know...touring with Kids in the Hall would be pretty entertaining!

What can we expect next from Brilliant Colors?

A new LP entitled Again and Again out July 19 on Slumberland records, our local pop label from Oakland.

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