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If Ozzy is your thing, if Slayer shreds into your heart, if Metallica marks your childhood rights of passages, then you will be happy to know that after a three-year album hiatus and a two-year vacation from touring, Early Man is coming out with a new full length record called Death Potion. Set to hit stores late November/early December, the record will be full of the kind of songs that scared Matador Records into signing them as their only metal band, instantly ushering in an entire new fan base for the genre. 'We were the only metal band on Matador by far. We might have been the only band on Matador that even remotely knew how to rock,' says lead guitarist Pete Macy. Now, with a new record label and a rested band, they are ready to start thrashing again full-throttle. Touring with, High on Fire, this August, they will be out for more in November to promote the new album. Dates aren't confirmed yet, but rumor has it there will be plenty of shows, so grab your leather skirt and get metal this fall.

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