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Platinum Gentlemen's Club in Queens, NY is not a community favorite, and it all comes down to one sign. The long-running "gentlemen's club" has been pissing off neighborhood parents who say the billboard outside the club--featuring a nearly nude lady--prompts their kids to ask too many questions. In an attempt to get the sign to go, parents filed a lawsuit earlier this year, but now have threatened to get the club's liquor license removed. Ah, the gentlemen's club. Always pissing off the parents.

Via Animal New York

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4 Responses to “BRINGING “SEXY” DOWN”

  1. Mira Mira says:

    Not too far off from the american apparel ads running on buses these days.

  2. jenn says:

    ask too many questions? god forbid we teach our children about sex!

  3. This is a shame that they couldn’t keep this strip club ad posted. It isn’t that different from perfume and cologne ads they post on billboards these days.

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