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Britsol Palin is being paid $14,000 dollars to speak at the Kentucky-based home Lifehouse, for single mothers. Lifehouse is a Christian organization that offers expecting mother's everything from shelter, health care, counseling to bible classes. Even though the home doesn't support Bristol's specific circumstances regarding her incomplete education and teen pregnancy, they do enjoy her "do as I say, not as I do" method of advocacy. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Lifehouse Executive Director, Joan Smith, said the choice to have Bristol speak was not to politicize the event or hold her up as an ideal--Smith made it very clear that she does not think Bristol is a" true" role model. “A role model to me would be that young woman who chooses to complete her high school and go directly into college and remain chaste until she's married," Smith said. "“She is a role model in the fact that she chose to have her child.”

As Jessica Grose at Double X asked, "If Bristol isn't a role model, then why is she speaking?" It seems damaging and twisted to parade Bristol around as a precautionary donkey instead of actually addressing the reasons why teen pregnancy has been such a problem in America. Bristol has advocated for abstinence since the birth of her son, Tripp, but, like any teenager who has yet to form her own identity and opinions about the social world, seemed a bit confused about the reality of abstinence, especially when she spoke to FOX News back in February of 2009. Regardless of all this--and the fact that Joan Smith doesn't really think she's a true role model--Bristol will be speaking at Lifehouse for a cool fourteen grand. Big Mama Palin, however, will not be speaking.

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