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Comedy dudes have this whole thing where they just stop trying because they are officially 'funny' and 'semi-good looking.' They assume that because they have hit two important pit stops on the way to boyfriend town they don't need to bother with the other stations. And let's face it, chances are they can make it to the end without them. Comedy duo, Bronx Cheer live by this rule. Founders, Craig Anderson and Conor Holler have been friends since the humbling days of university and since then, have decided to turn their inside jokes into a public piss-up. The two boys (not men) just finished a North American comedy tour with funny friend, Cam McLeod (Man Hussy) and wrapped up their webseries, With Friends Like These (co-founded by screen writer Jordan Christianson) this year. hearty highly, highly recommends you watch all episodes of this hilarious show here. But remember, no matter how cute and funny they are, never date comedy dudes.

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