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Montreal's Bruxe Designs and Uranium probably weren't listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 hit when they brainstormed this Tiny Little Chairs idea--these are definitely not meant for big butts. Instead they were paying homage to mid century furniture design and created miniature necklace versions of the Scoop, Pavilion, Dining, Bent and Work chairs. So cute! So while they may not be for robust derrieres, they do support a good cause. Ten dollars from each chair sold will be donated to Wyclef's YĆ©le Haiti. See the full collection below.

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2 Responses to “Tiny Little Chairs”

  1. Charlotte charlotte says:

    okay, these are lovely, I’m a big fan of chairs (i have eight in my living room, two in the bedroom and i think four in the kitchen and thats after hauling three to the farm for storage at christmas). BUT don’t you think these look painful?? boob stab. ouch. i love. but maybe just for decoration.

  2. Charlotte charlotte says:

    i regress. maybe if they are really tini..

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