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Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders takes every drug imaginable and draws self portraits

Washington, D.C. based artist Bryan Lewis Saunders did an experiment. He took a myriad of drugs, everything from Ambien to Klonopin to pot brownies to meth to Adderall to bath salts and then sat down to draw a self-portrait. The drawers reflect the substances well and his coloring tools change with each pill.

“After experiencing drastic changes in my environment, I looked for other experiences that might profoundly affect my perception of the self. So I devised another experiment where everyday I took a different drug and drew myself under the influence. Within weeks I became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage. I am still conducting this experiment but over greater lapses of time. I only take drugs that are given to me.”

See more of Bryant Lewis Saunders self portraits below and all of the portraits here.


Real absinth

4mg Risperdol

Bath Salts

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