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Don't let the name Calvin Rucker fool you, it's two badass chicks, not one dude.

LA-based brand, Calvin Rucker, brings us a new take on the balance between masculine and feminine in their fall 2013 lookbook. While Calvin Rucker, founded by denim wunderkinder (yup, that's the plural) and life-long friends, Joie Rucker and Caroline Calvin, may be in it's beginning years with the brands launch on 11/11/11, the idea of it has been around for a while. The concept was one the two designers made when they met fresh out of school in the beginning of their careers. Now, a couple of decades later--after making names for themselves in the fashion industry by launching brands such as Joie, Rich and Skinny, and serving as VP of Global design for Levi's--Calvin Rucker has become a reality.

For Fall 2013, Calvin Rucker brings us some pretty awesome denim, which is kind of a 'duh' considering the two designers' extensive denim background. The offering includes a new take on hand-painted denim, zippers and laces. Their boyfriend jean features a double belt loop or the double-beltage (new word). In addition to the jeans, the fall '13 collection is loaded full of black and white sheer blouses, and a duo of shirt dresses.

See more of Calvin Rucker Fall '13 collection below

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