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Camel Williamsburg "hipster" cigarette pack

Can't directly target youth anymore? Getting desperate to reach new demos? Well, then just target hipsters.

For the month of January, Camel will be paying homage to the mecca of hipsters, Williamsburg. The Camel cigarette packs will feature pictures of the Williamsburg Bridge, lofts and silhouettes of musicians--maybe they should also consider ironic statements, unwashed hair and anything else cliche they could pick up from roaming up and down Bedford. I mean don't they know all the hipsters moved to Bushwick anyways. Next edition will pay homage to Silverlake CA (okay, we just made that up).

We know this PR move has been getting cigarettes a lot of attention, so with this post we want to encourage you to QUIT SMOKING no matter what the pack looks like.

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