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With Catherine Malandrino's Paris | New York bags you don't have to decide

Ah, Paris and New York both great cities. One has bagels the other has croissants. One still accepts smoking the other won't let you do it at the crosswalks. But, both have great fashion. Luckily with Catherine Malandrino's new Paris| New York tote and clutch, you can have the best of both cities. One side says Paris and the other side New York, so really depending on your mood you could be boasting either. The tote comes in canvas and lambskin and the clutch comes in lambskin as well.

See more of the Catherine Maladrino Paris| New York bags below.

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2 Responses to “Paris or New York”

  1. Mish Mish says:

    I’m going to make replicas of these bags featuring the lost cities. Like, where is the “Cincinnati” bag? JK

  2. Hana May Hana May says:

    I’d buy that.

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