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Cecilia Cassini

By now you may know Cecilia Cassini's name. She sells at Fred Segal, fields press questions like a pro, and has that camera opp pose down. This all may seem normal for an emerging ambitious designer, but Cecilia Cassini is only 10-years-old.

Self-titled, “the youngest fashion designer in the country - and maybe even in the world,” Cecilia is starting to cause quite a stir. As a kid in the fashion industry she is being compared to fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. and while it's always easy to say that kids "these days" are growing up too fast and not enjoying their childhoods the way kids should--you know tag, jungle gyms, bikes--Cecilia and Tavi are interesting examples for this generation.

Our Editor Mish Way, digs deeper into the Cecilia vs. Tavi issue and  asks: Are kids still kids anymore when their blogging leads to front row tickets at New York fashion week and when they have to worry about a new fall line?

Read it here and let us know what you think.

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