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Do you know who Chad Hurley is? If you don't, you may know his work if you've indulged in a little Double Rainbow action or Googled "kids falling in public." Hurley is the CEO of YouTube, or he was. He recently stepped down from his roll at the company (which he sold to Google in 2006 for a cool $1.65 billion) to pursue a career in fashion. Hurley and his business partner, Anthony Mazzei have started a menswear label, Hlaska, that focuses on chic, business-casual necessities for CEOs on the go.

"We make wallets, bags and shirts we'd want to see sold in stores," Hurley told Forbes in his sudden leave from CEO of Yotube. "In that sense it's exactly like YouTube. We wanted something that wasn't available, so we built it ourselves."

Although the switch from CEO to designer seems strange, Hurley is committed to his passion for fashion. Hlaska currently has stores in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and San Jose, and Hurley plans to open more stores in L.A., Austin, and New York in 2011. And boom goes the dynamite.

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