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History gets under your skin

In honor of everything that happened in the past year, Munich-based tattoo collective, Chaos Crew, has found a way to keep the past alive: by tattooing it. Using a large piece of calf skin, the tattoo artists created a giant interwoven collage of some of 2011's most memorable moments like the death of Kim Jong-il, Fukushima, the Egypt Facebook revolution, and the birth of the 7 billionth child. The result is striking.

Documenting the process in a video, you can see just how much preparation and work goes into a tattoo of that size and detail. Whether it's a calf or your left arm, according to Chaos Crew: “We get history under your skin.”

See the final product and watch Chaos Crew's "Making of: The Tattooed Poster a Retrospective to 2011" video below.

Making of: The Tattooed Poster – a
retrospective to 2011
from mnoesel on Vimeo.

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