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Enter autumn. Enter golden-hued leaves and crisp air and coffee mugs and long walks through wet streets. Enter Chausser Inc., a shoe company from Yoichi Maeda--a name synonymous with footwear so quality it borders on fetishism. Citing Norman Rockwell as aesthetic inspiration and having a family lineage in the atelier business to back him up, his collections embody a masculine Americana that a girl deserves to own. Sure they look great with a pair of jeans or a mini dress, but the real catch here is the stratospheric standards Maeda has. All shoes are hand made (that means while we are sleeping each little pin in the heel is pushed in by sweet little cobbler elves) and lined in a sort of silicone treatment so that if you decide to wake up one morning and get the coffee and paper sans socks, your feet won't sweat. Stylist and store owner Valery Duboucheron took off her own Chausser boot to prove it. Plus, the soles mold to your feet so all those walks through the park can last forever. If only the autumn weather would too...

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