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hearty member Mish Way tries out Chatroulette and supposedly meets the "Jonas Brothers."

"When I was in elementary school a bunch of us would screw around on chat rooms during computer class. This was way before chat was anything except typing to totally random people on the screen. No video, no photos, no tags, no nothing. And as much as all our parents and teachers warned us about perverts online, we still couldn't resist. I remember one time, we (a few of us girls) pretended to be Lacey Chabert from Party of Five. We made up all these crazy stories and tried to convince him that Lacey was into him. He seemed to buy it so we thought we were comedic geniuses. Looking back I realize that he was probably screwing us right back, or jerking off.

Today I tried Chatroullette, an online chat service with video, audio and text that allows you to scroll through random chatters like gabbling. After about 15 seconds I figured out that the site is about 75% dick shots, 20% young boys trying to see boobs and 5% lonelygirl15 types.

After being chatted up by a kid in a white leather mask, a headless stomach and what appeared to be a four-year-old suddenly, three teenage boys popped up on the screen. They all had brown, overly-styled hair and appeared to be in a classroom because of the florescent lights. Immediately, they started chatting with me:

"Hi. How are you?"

"Fine, how are you?" I replied.

Wink smile from their end. "Do you recognize us?"

I don't, so I say "no." Who are these clowns?

They pressed on, "Can we ask you one question? Can we see your tits?"

I could see all three of their greasy little faces smiling into the screen. So, I laughed.

"Why not? Don't you know who we are? We're the Jonas Brothers."

Then they proceeded to tell me that most girls on Chatroulette show their tits to celebs. I pretended I'd never heard of these so-called "Jonas Brothers." They seemed annoyed.

I'm mad at myself for being slow on the second screen-cap. Before I could do it, they had moved on to another chatter. Because everyone knows that girls who don't show the "Jonas Brothers" their tits are boring."

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