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hearty member Mish Way tries out Chatroulette and supposedly meets the "Jonas Brothers."

"When I was in elementary school a bunch of us would screw around on chat rooms during computer class. This was way before chat was anything except typing to totally random people on the screen. No video, no photos, no tags, no nothing. And as much as all our parents and teachers warned us about perverts online, we still couldn't resist. I remember one time, we (a few of us girls) pretended to be Lacey Chabert from Party of Five. We made up all these crazy stories and tried to convince him that Lacey was into him. He seemed to buy it so we thought we were comedic geniuses. Looking back I realize that he was probably screwing us right back, or jerking off.

Today I tried Chatroullette, an online chat service with video, audio and text that allows you to scroll through random chatters like gabbling. After about 15 seconds I figured out that the site is about 75% dick shots, 20% young boys trying to see boobs and 5% lonelygirl15 types.

After being chatted up by a kid in a white leather mask, a headless stomach and what appeared to be a four-year-old suddenly, three teenage boys popped up on the screen. They all had brown, overly-styled hair and appeared to be in a classroom because of the florescent lights. Immediately, they started chatting with me:

"Hi. How are you?"

"Fine, how are you?" I replied.

Wink smile from their end. "Do you recognize us?"

I don't, so I say "no." Who are these clowns?

They pressed on, "Can we ask you one question? Can we see your tits?"

I could see all three of their greasy little faces smiling into the screen. So, I laughed.

"Why not? Don't you know who we are? We're the Jonas Brothers."

Then they proceeded to tell me that most girls on Chatroulette show their tits to celebs. I pretended I'd never heard of these so-called "Jonas Brothers." They seemed annoyed.

I'm mad at myself for being slow on the second screen-cap. Before I could do it, they had moved on to another chatter. Because everyone knows that girls who don't show the "Jonas Brothers" their tits are boring."

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43 Responses to “CHATROULETTE”

  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    WHAT THE HELL???!!! This actually happened????

  2. okay some kids told sarah and tracey and i that the were those dudes but those kids actually maybe look like them?

  3. Kenza Kenza says:

    No babe–it IS them!

  4. Mish Mish says:

    Man… who knows! Either way they were on the hunt for some tit action.

  5. nako says:

    just so yall know… its a video of the jonas brothers that is being played not actually them….

  6. Mish Mish says:

    It’s totally not them, just some genius kids who have figured out how to use the perfect combo of technology to celebrity to trick girls into showing their breasts.

  7. not-so-stupid. says:

    can’t actually believe any of you kids believed this?
    i had the exact same thing. ahhhhh.
    if youre going to fall for it, dont go on chatroulette.

  8. Dave says:

    This is pretty interesting- my girlfriend saw them the other night on CR, and I did for a brief second later on. My only beef with this article, is why wouldn’t you take the screengrab -after- they had said “Can we see your tits?” …I mean you could sell that to some rag mag for a quick two grand. It seems like an obvious choice if you were going to screengrab at all. I’m sure they troll for boobs like 99.9% of all the other teenage boys on there, and I love a ‘good’ name tarnished as much as the next Jonas Bros hater, but the fact that you took the screengrab -exactly- before they asked that doesn’t seem to add up for me. So I’m going to have to remain a healthy skeptic, and call bullshit.

  9. Mish Mish says:

    @Dave – I tried to get the screen cap after but it was too late. I actually mention this in the article.

  10. Emma says:

    Yeah, I got these people too. Same video and everything. Blue snuggie, etc. Don’t fall for it, anyone, my god >_<

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  12. Mish Mish says:



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  14. Dave says:

    lol, troll unsuccessful.

    It works most of the time, though.

  15. White Knight says:

    They weren’t them you idiots. I’m right now on a forum were some fags are staging another one of these. What they do is go to Youtube, get a ton of Jonas Brothers videos. They crop them and create a very huge .gif of seemingly normal movements and then they play it instead of a webcam using a special utility. Those idiots who are flashing tits and pussy and masturbating and God knows what (you don’t want to see) are:

    1. Pleasuring some 14 year old horny geek
    2. Risking getting there video uploaded all over the internet.
    3. Risking to get caught from their parents (by anonymous emails from the same fags who plotted this)

  16. Jonas says:

    She speaks the truth.
    How do I know? It’s 100% the words I use as the Jonas Brothers video.

  17. Magnosita says:

    It’s an old interview of them. So you didn’t talk to them in real life.

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  19. gogo says:

    IT IS TOTALLY FAKE. DON2T BELIEVE IT. it was one of their live chat vıdeo. People can use some videos ınstead of webcam. Don’t be so naive people!!!Jonas Brothers are so famous that they don’t have to do this kind of idiotic things.

  20. Elliott Alexander says:

    Love your article here, good work!

  21. djsoidjfsdoifjs says:

    i had them to
    this is not actually them its footage from their live webcam broadcast from a couple years ago…..
    its some lonely guy showing footage of them

  22. Alex says:

    I too had the same experience and I was totlally dumbstuc of how rude they were, but than I said what would a celeb do on a site like this… So i figured it out… It’s pretty lame.. I found only one descent person on that site, and even with her my connection was stopped (it was actually my fault). The site is filled with jerks jerking, or being naked or being masked or shiwing stupid messages. It’s real bullshit

  23. Joey B says:

    hah awesome, if you want to see a good collection of screenshots check out

  24. 101001 says:

    saw them too. total dicks

  25. jana says:

    i swear to god, i just tried out chatroulette, and the jonas brothers were sitting there, but i didnt have my cam on, so they pressed next i guess. i was so shocked :D i am not even a fan, but it was kind of surreal for a moment. i mean why not? its not like they are having concerts or stuff every single night, and i am pretty sure sometimes the three of them just hang out and do stuff like every other teenage boy.

  26. Inga says:

    i made the same experience!
    i recognized that they are looking likethem but chatted for 10 minutes normal with the boys about the weekend and so on then they told me that they are in new york at the moment and on tour
    i asked them if they are the jonas brothers and they told me that they are and thought that they arent famous in germany…
    we talk normal about my jobs and traveling and they sang for me!
    after a while they say that nick “is a little bit in love with me ” and he wants that i show my boobs… i didn´t do that and after i didn´t they told me that they got lunch now!

  27. Nacho says:

    This is realey tonigh I stay with they!! :D

  28. hahahah says:

    haha, i’m sorry but i gotta laugh.. it’s not real, it’s fake. a lot of people have gotten them on chatroulette and it’s a video some creepy guy has there instead of himself, the video is from one of their online chat thing, it’s old. joe doesn’t even have that kinda haircut anymore. and really, do you think that celebs like them are stupid enough to ask a question like that?? it could make som real damage to their carrier, they’re young but i doubt they’re that stupid…

  29. Gillian Gillian says:

    I LOVE CHATROULETTE. Just met my future boyfriend on there. He’s 20, lives in New York and has a tattoo of a cross on his arm for a friend that died. Isn’t that awesome?!

  30. Jordan says:

    the same thing happen to me and i want to know if it is them.

  31. alexandra says:

    the jonas brothers happened to me too!!! they said they were in London for a concert! omfg

  32. Kaylyn says:

    i was “talking to them” i gues, and i asked if they even cared for my name. and after a while into the conversation they were like oh sorry were such idiot. but they called me babe and hot and asked me if i should losen up my pjs.
    i didnt but i bet whoever this is even if it isnt really them, is about to get hellaa nip slips.
    i say its some hard core fraud.

  33. aishling says:

    its not them its prob from when they chat with fans and its just recorded.

  34. Arley says:

    It’s true ! I had googles ‘do the jonas brothers go on chatroulette?’ because they just popped up on my screen . It was the same video / picture that is shown above . Everyone be careful , there are creeps on here !

  35. hy man thanks for the comment on my blog ,hope will be back soon

  36. DaDewd says:

    You have to be ridiculously thick to think this is read. There are GIFs of just about everything to make people think it’s the real deal.

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  38. Weedsmoker says:

    That was taken from the jonas brothers live streaming they did on (google this: jonas brothers justin tv)

  39. Elisa says:

    I saw them too!

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