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Andrey Ternovskiy is an 18-year-old pizza-faced, high school drop-out from Moscow. He likes to ride his bike. He hates Moscow and New York, but he thinks S.F. could be the way to go. But, if not S.F., he always has his computer. "I always believed that computer might be that thing that I only need," Ternovskiy told the New Yorker. "That I only need that thing to survive. It might replace everything."

By the way, he also invented Chatroulette, the kid is perhaps a genius (or at least a geek on wheels). Ternovskiy has been writing code since he learned to stop peeing the bed (Grade Four) and has apprenticed with one of Russia's hacker, Terminator. Once he mastered cyberspace (Age 15), he began working at his uncle's souvenir shop and got the idea for Chatroulette because he loved chatting with tourists.This week The New Yorker laid their analytical paws all over Ternovskiy to try to uncover the man behind the internet sensation. Read it here or just hit "next".

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