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It was the dress that stole Josh's heart and gave her father a heart attack. It was the perfect compliment to a giant staircase and a gay male dance partner. "Cher, what are you wearing?" "A dress!" "Says who?" "Calvin Klein!" That was the scene Confederacy co-owner, Ilaria Urbanati, re-enacted for CK's creative director, Francisco Costa when she convinced him to remake the dress. Now you can get the Cher-inspired dress for $916, which is way harsh, but whoever said it was cheap to be Cher? Alicia Silverstone, on the other hand, tells us how to be like her for under twenty bucks, but as if, books don't go with a transparent trench coat!

See the Cher inspired Calvin Klein dress below.

Want more Clueless? Bonus!

Miu Miu pre-fall 2010 that looks awfully inspired by Cher.

Rebecca Minkoff Clueless leopard jacket also from Confederacy.

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