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She's back ladies. Look, it's Christina Aguilera and she's resurrecting her former sexy self (motherhood IS sexy). Think "Dirty," the poodle hair from "Lady Marmalade," Madonna's "Express Yourself", Madge's stark episode of Kinky Hollywood Squares "Human Nature," and George Michael's "Freedom 90." It's an assorted platter of leather, lesbian lap dances, lace, licking and wet chests, the only thing missing in a strap on and full penetration. The song is titled "Not Myself Tonight" and the lyrics describe Christina's personal battle for the right to "go crazy" tonight by "dancing a lot and taking shots" oh, and by the way, "if you don't like it f--k you."

The new album, Bionic comes out on June 8th (when you visit her website you are presented with a countdown, only 38200616 seconds until the world album explodes). This time around, Christina collaborated on a few tracks with M.I.A and Le Tigre--Bionic, will be the complete opposite to her last album, Back to Basics.

"Not Myself Tonight" does not display Christina's incredible vocal abilities, but it does showcase her post-pregnancy, hot-mom figure. Come on, we all know she can sing, now it's time for Christina to get back to Xtina and her real "basics," like humping in the ring with Redman.

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  1. Alva Hyatt says:

    She’s my idol! I love her! I love how she can be hot as hell and at the same time can still be very reliable and complete. I love Christina Aguilera!

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