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Feel free to start singing too. 'We are the members of the All American League. We come from cities near and...'

Madonna played baseball in, A League of Their Own, we like to play baseball in real life. While our hair may not stay as slick (or be as hairspray ridden) as Mae Mordabito's, conciliation comes in the fact we can play in some sweet kicks. The classic sports shoe which had it's start in basketball has been equipped with hearts and we figure Comme Des Garçon's new Chucks will bring us some luck on the field. We challenge you to hit a home run without getting these hearty shoes dirty. ball!

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2 Responses to “Comme Des Gar√ßons Baseball”

  1. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Annie has the Heart Eye shirt. Its pretty cute.

  2. Betsey J says:

    I wanna put that little heart on a pin and wear it.

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