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Civic Duty is calling on you to be more involved in civic causes--and providing you with some pretty cute shoes to perform them in. With uppers made of Tyvek, by DuPont (The stuff they wrap houses in to protect them from the elements. Think waterproof and breathable.) Civic Duty will be launching for late Spring '10. The collection includes high top and low top styles and colors include: White, Pale Yellow, Periwinkle, Fudge Brownie, Brown Paper Bag, Navy Blue, and Gunmetal Grey.

The brand's mission is to inspire civic action (hence, the name). Each year they will select a charity to support and will design product specifically for the cause, with all profits going to that charity. For more info, their website should be up and running in the next month or so.

Check out the Spring '10 collection below including some photos from a recent unseen photo shoot (think the grass is greener).

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