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Claire of Claire Streetart makes the most adorable graffiti in the world. Based in Paris, she paints couples getting down against city walls as part of a project she calls "Duetto X."  The images, that are realistic yet cartoonish, pop out against their concrete canvases. It's a little scandalous and a little sweet, just the way we like it. Check out our interview with Claire below and go get handsy up against a wall somewhere.

How did you get started with street art?

I have been working for awhile on fitted out drawings in private spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. Using the streets was a way to extend my art but I wanted to create a concept, this is how the idea of the Duetto X project came up.

What exactly is the concept behind Duetto X?

According to its name, it's a project dealing with the duo, the couple. X is...all the rest, the diverse, unknown, infinite possibilities.

How do you create your images?

I start by shooting real couples. I pick a photo that I draw and then I paint it in life size.

Click here to see more makeouts and read more interview.

Public affection sometimes makes people uncomfortable. Do you think your work as the same effect?

I think that, generally, most people are quite comfortable with these images. They are not intended to shock anybody, or make them ill at ease. In comparison to current ads, they are rather restrained! The point is that my couples shoot up where they are not expected. It is all a matter of context and circumstances, a matter of surprise. Suddenly a drab wall comes to life...

Some people have called your work, "provocative." What's your take on that?

My work, provocative? I don't think so. I could go further...eventually a limited series.

What are you working on at that moment?

I am working on many things, but I cannot really say anything before it is done, that is, before I have produced images. Images, not words, are my medium.

Look out for Claire's works on the streets of Paris, Montpellier, Brittany and Sao Paulo, Brazil (plus it's on her website too). Make sure you check out the stickers and postcards available there too.

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  1. Gillian says:

    I just got turned on by street art! first time for everything!

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    I’d like to see them in designer clothes, CAN YOU IMAGINE THE MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES!!??

  3. Hana May Hana says:

    WOAH. Good thinking.

  4. anonymous says:

    nice one!

  5. Aales says:

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  6. jess bloom says:

    it sounded like she’s working on something clothing-wise.

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