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Let's go half on a...

Two is better than one, so the saying goes. Taking this notion and creating with it, graffiti artist Claw Money has paired up with some of her favorite artists and friends (like Baron Von Fancy and UTAH) to present Duets an exhibition of collaborative works by CLAWMONEY aka Claudia Gold. We caught up with her to chat about the show, favorite collabs and Bing Crosby in our Q+A below.

235 Eldridge Street, New York
January 24 to March 3

Hey Claw, what's up?

Working hard on all sorts of art stuff, expanding our clothing line and well, motherhood.

How have you been spending your days?

I am at the studio (we call it the "Clawffice"), getting ready for a full assault of new products for 2013. Super busy and hectic but the brand keeps growing and this is our 10th year, so we really have to come out with some amazing stuff.

Your art show is called Duets what is your favorite musical duets of all time?

Favorite musical duet would have to be David Bowie and Bing Crosby. When I was young, I thought - wow, so weird and yet so smart.

If you had perform a karaoke duet, who would you choose as your partner?

I would choose Minya Quirk as my karaoke partner. She has an amazing voice and of course is a hit at any and every party.

You've worked on a lot of collaborations what's been your favorite?

I love collabs! I guess my favorite would have to be my Nascar collabo--it was just so over the top and brought the CLAW to a whole new audience. Plus it is on a vehicle that drives over 100 miles an hour - hotness!

What is a collab you'd like to work on?

I would love to collab with something very unexpected like couture or electronics. We have some stuff in the works - so look out!

Tell us about the collaborations that will be in the show?

This was an interesting process. First I cut and screened all the canvases. Then passed them to the 10 selected artists - Aroe, Baron von Fancy, Ces, Jesse, Jick, Lydiaemily, MRS, Utah, West and Yes2 and told them to do whatever they want. Then after I got those back I repainted over their work and my original screen print.

How were the artists selected?

I have so many talented friends so why not showcase them? Another Claw show - boring! I really love working with other people and you get a really unexpected result which is a challenge to both artists.


Duets opening reception is tonight (January 24)  from 6-9pm and the show will run until March 3.

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