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RESOLUTION: "I Will Be More Comfortable Nudie"

EXPERT: Briana Leigh, Exotic Dancer

For some of us, it's difficult to be comfortable naked even though we were born that way (no Gaga). From locker room changing to stripping down for a night of tender lovemaking, baring it all can be intimidating and awkward. But, you're all beautiful in your birthday suits so there's no excuses. This is the year of skinny dips, saunas and giving your neighbours a show while you make your morning coffee. Remember when our very own Mish Way got in the nudist spirit at Vancouver's Wreck Beach? We lead by example, here at hearty magazine.

Briana Leigh is a stone cold fox who makes her living sans clothes. For the past two and a half years, she's worked as an exotic dancer in some of Toronto's hottest adult clubs. To respect her privacy, we're not using her real name. Briana's a friend of hearty, however, and we're psyched that she's taken the time out to answer our questions.

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After you read this article, you'll be ready to pose for a Spencer Tunick photo.

How much of your time do you spend nakers?

Ninety percent. I'm usually in undies at home and then I'm at work all night. I'm only really dressed when I leave my house.

Why do you think so many people think it's a big deal to be naked?

I think because society makes everybody feel that only one body type is supposed to be naked--like swimsuit models. I guess people are afraid of being judged.

Nudist camps are full of old people. What's the deal with old people being more comfortable naked than fine young things?

Older people start to lose their youthful shapes but they also become more open-minded. It's sometimes a life-long journey to become comfortable with your body. Don't forget that women are supposed to hit their sexual peak after 30...

What advice would you give to a girl who's afraid to take her clothes off in front of anyone?

Get over it! You are what you are, and you should be comfortable with who you are!

If someone has never had sex with the lights on, what's the first step to getting comfortable?

Well, you could start with a lamp, then slowly ease into the full light. Or get a camera!

What are your favorite beauty products to prep your bod?

I talked to the other girls I work with and we agreed on the following products: Secret deodorant, Bath & Body Works lotions, Dior Makeup, long hair extensions and Vagisil.

Any favorite exercise routines?

I run for an hour everyday and stretch it out in yoga.

What's the best compliment you've ever received while naked?

"I love your eyes!" and "You have such a nice smile!" It's funny how those are still the best compliments.

Any tips to hide areas someone might be self-conscious of?

Corsets are a great way to keep it all in and still be sexy.

What are big no-nos when it comes to being naked in front of people?

In my opinion, a giant un-groomed bush, underarm hair, a hairy butt, ugly toe nails or nails, ear wax and dry skin. Being clean is being sexy!

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  1. Mish mish says:

    “Being clean is being sexy”… guess I better start showering more than once every 4 days.

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