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America may be in conflict with a growing list of countries, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the food. Conflict Kitchen is a pop-up takeout joint that serves food from countries in conflict with America. The one-windowed colorful facade alternates every four months to deliver new treats--previously from Iran and currently from Afghanistan.

Mending public opinion one snack at a time, the Iranian Kibudeh is a delicious sounding spiced ground beef filling with fresh mint and onion wrapped in a homemade Barbari bread. The Afghan special was Bolani, a traditional savory turnover--a middle eastern pizza pocket, if you will. Compiled of vegetable pastes (like pumpkin) stuffed into a papery pocket made of crusty brown grain material. It's hard to imagine anything made of pumpkin compote tasting like, well anything at all, but don't knock till you try it, right?

Conflict Kitchen is located in Pittsburgh, USA at 124 S. Highland Ave

Check out pictures of the Conflict Kitchen food below. 

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