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Behind the Scenes of Izza Kizza's and Colin Munroe's New Video: Connect the Dots

For Connect the Dots by Izza Kizza featuring Colin Munroe, music video director Jason Goldwatch did things backwards. Different parts of the video were shot, and will be edited, in reverse; in the final version, everything will move backwards (except for the artists' mouths) and the video will end right where it began. This meant Izza and Colin had to learn their lyrics in reverse.

Goldwatch, who has directed for artists like Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and Young Jeezy and shot the video for 88-Keys and Kanye’s, Stay Up! (Viagra), also framed Izza's mouth so when the video plays on an iPhone and you hold it up against your mouth, the size matches perfectly. (Sorry BlackBerry users!)

And just in case you're wondering, those red Dorothy shoes featured on the cover of the Wizard of Iz mixtape (mixed by Nick Catchdubs and brought to you by In4mation), didn’t end up in the video. ‘I don’t really have them. I want them so bad,’ Izza says, 'we had to create them visually.’ Colin adds in,‘Yeah post production.’ Both laugh.

We hung out at the shoot to get some behind the scenes shots, talk to Colin and Izza about the song and to find out how the guys prepped for their tough task. Download the mixtape here. And the song here.

Why the video for this song over other songs?

Izza Kizza: 'Cause Colin is a superstar

Colin Munroe: And it has dots in it. [Laughs.]

Izza Kizza: And they’re connected. [Laughs.]

Where did the concept for the video come from?

Izza Kizza: All by courtesy and way of Decon. These guys they’re super dope with everything. We’re going to do this, we’re going to do that--I’m like, Lets do it! Check, check, check, check.

Colin Munroe: Throwing dots around? Ok.

Izza Kizza: Yeah stuff falling from the floor to the ceiling. Ok!

Colin Munore: When you have dots in it, it writes itself.

How did you study for mouthing the words backwards?

Izza Kizza: Well I was sitting at home and this had me boggled for like two or three days. I’m listening to it backwards like, No way. But then I start saying you know what I like a challenge and I start listening to the record and I say, I’m going to sit down and I’m going to write out the syllables.

Colin Munroe: Yeah, like how it sounds.

Izza Kizza: You know ish nee po no. Some crazy shit and I was like, Wow ok I’ll write it and then you rehearse it and it’s another song in another language.

Colin Munroe: Exactly that’s the way I think about it. I write it out like it’s another language and just learn those words.

How much time did it take you?

Izza Kizza: It’s still running right now.

Colin Munroe: It continues. I don’t think its anything you actually become totally comfortable with 'cause its just a different language and its not really rhythmic either.

Izza Kizza: It ain’t at all and then they send us to acapella.

Colin Munroe: Yeah so there’s no context of the rhythm, so its always a challenge.

Colin Munroe and Izza Kizza.

Director Jason Goldwatch.

Izza Kizza practicing his lyrics backwards.

Colin Munroe.

Colin's shoes.

Dan the man.

Colin's lyrics written down backwards.

Dee and Ricky who styled the shoot.

Izza Kizza would later literally eat his words.

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