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According to a new short animated video by Michael Mouris, Courtney Love has kicked "The Kook" and it's all thanks to her Birkin bag. The film titled, "The Dark of the Night Soul" is colorful, four-minute tale of Courtney's recent style evolution from gyspy-fairy caught in a blender (or "The Kook") to Birkin-wearing A-list. The video starts off with Karl and Courtney talking about her style flaws. Karl tells Courtney that she is "drowning in The Kook....Your lungs are filling with chiffon and lace and all that glitter bead nonsense, you must come up for air before you die." Cut to Courtney's bed where she is having a teenage-style tantrum about her aesthetic crisis. "I want to be dignified like Chris Martin from Cold Play!" (Um, what? His kid is named Apple.) Courtney wakes up from her slumber to find that she has been magically gifted a Birkin bag. Her style transformation begins as though the Gods had descended to help her cut off her hair extensions and peel the glitter from her face. When Courtney finally runs into Karl at an art show, he tells her "The Kook" will never be gone and the world loves her just the way she is. It doesn't matter if she has a Birkin bag, it matters what is inside it. In this case, probably a whole bottle of crazy.

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