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90s grunge goddess,  feminist and fashion icon, Courtney Love set to release a clothing brand, Never the Bride


First recognized for her ground-breaking band, Hole, in the early 90s and later, her fast jump to "Punk Celebrity" via her marriage to the most famous rock star of Generation X, Courtney Love has made sure to stay in the spotlight for reasons that stretch beyond her musical career. She has played the role of the bad mother, the weeping widow, the raging siren, the pill popper, the junkie, the washed-up, crazy rock star and so many more. And every time her life gets a little less glamorous - "The David Letterman Years" or her very public cocaine addition, the tit-sucking at Wendy's, the death of her husband, beating up fellow musicians, losing custody of her daughter or threatening to kill journalists--she manages to pull herself out of it (sometimes with a court order) and claw her way back to the top.

Love may be crazy, but she is also powerful and iconic. Her personal style has always kept her inside the elite fashion circle even when she is dressed in silky rags and velvet jumpers three times too small for her Amazon figure. In fact, it was the famous Kinder-Whore look she pioneered that put her on the fashion grid. Over the years she has experimented with her clothing, some choices much, much worse than others, but either way, Love keeps us intrigued.

Recently, Love announced that after four years of waiting her clothing line "Never The Bride" has finally been licensed. According to Women's Wear Daily, Love told reporters that the line will be less Kinder-Whore and more Edwardian-inspired, Victorian lingerie. We've seen Love try both these hats on before.

So, what can we expect from "Never The Bride"? Will Love's line represent the best of her days or the worst? Will she take too much inspiration from her pills and mood boards or will she channel her inner fashion icon? What we do know is in her debut clothing line, Never the Bride these are: 6 Love Looks We Don't Want To See in her .

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  1. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    killer! & this: “…she ended up looking like Jim Carey in Ace Ventura when he tries to break into a mental hospital.”!! A follow-up of her best looks or is that too difficult??

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