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The Queen of Cray Cray, Ms. Courtney Love, has asked hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons for a reality show. She pitched a show called Rock Chick where she would mentor young female musicians on the brink. We have a feeling Love is pretty serious about getting into the reality business since she showed up an hour early for her meeting with Simmons (she is notoriously late) and then tried to impress him with her home-made mood boards. She also sang him a Patti Smith song. Who knows if Rock Chick will be anything but another looney pipe dream Miss Love spit out, however we think the showshould be a definite go!

We put together a list of 5 reasons we think Russell should say yes.


Courtney Love is a big believer of Buddism--she thinks chanting works. Love has chanted on camera for many things including Kurt, love, a record deal, dogs and Lindsay Lohan. Her religion has always been a big part of her recovery and, since she is still sober, we know that she will insist that chanting is a way to rock stardom. Imagine Courtney with a bunch of tough-as-nails wanna-be stars laying on yoga mats in her frazzled apartment, surrounded by petals, lace and cigarette butts chanting for "fame."


Every interview with Courtney Love is the most entertaining thing to happen that day, week, year, whatever, because she is, despite what some might believe, incredibly smart. Her brain is like an encyclopedia of musical knowledge and odd-ball facts about statistics on white trash names and pill combinations. She is a quote machine, constantly referencing popular culture, obscure bands and historical moments that fit perfectly with the topic at hand. Her genius is subtle and over-looked because it is usually suffocating underneath a pile of insanity. Plus, the woman was married to Kurt Cobain. Come on. Who wouldn't want to know all about that?


Courtney has a new blog called "What Courtney Wore" where she gets random assistants, or whoever she may be with, to snap a photo of her outfit and upload it online. She has recently re-branded herself as a high-fashion icon and the world has noticed. She'll probably cut rock star training early to take the girls to buy high-wasted cotton underwear and high-end face makeup. Think ANTM makeovers, but better.


Come on. Let's be real here. Half the rock stars in training will start off learning how to scream the word "whore" with the perfect guttural growl, but before they know it, they'll be fetching Love's Chanel make-up bag she left in the town car on way from Lagerfeld's birthday party because she forgot to take her medicine because the dog threw up on her Birkin bag.


Courtney likes to make mood boards. She even brought a bunch to Russell Simmon's office so he could see her chaotic "list" of life goals pasted onto a giant piece of construction paper. Mood boards are the frumpy cousin of chanting but Courtney always roots for the underdog and so do we.

(Vote Rock Chick goes on the air by commenting below, then we'll make a communal mood board and send it to Russell.)

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  1. jess bloom says:

    shoo in.

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