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Courtney Love has started a blog. As you can imagine from her twitter account and infamous myspace posts, it is exactly what you would expect; misspelt words, frantic "facts" about her lawyer and Russell Crow and her name, all doodled in girly cursive. If you can figure out what the following sentences mean, you will win a Hole 7 inch.

"...and they dont give a fuck about frances or wendy or kim infact kims house was repossessed out of spite in 05 where the fuck was your outrage..."

" fact i have atumbl account since your all tooo lazy to go to usserach or people finders if i have the energy i will twitpic this and take..."

"...all sorts of shit, and even then i had no intention of doing his btw we get NO money for this, travesty, Frances gets NO money for the rape..."

Dear Sense,

I ain't gotta make you.



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