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An exhibition of punk artifacts collected between 1977 and 1984 by the English band, CRASS from their fans

Anarcho-punk band, CRASS’ message of direct action, DIY punk ethic and self-authority, will continue to spread, almost 30 years later. CRASS believed in feminism, animal rights, environmentalism and being anti-war way before it was cool. They played politically-charged songs, graffiti’d London streets, produced films, started their own record label and made a huge amount of artwork promoting their ideas. The movement that grew out of the band was far-reaching and loyal. Despite a breakup in 1984, CRASS’ influence is undeniable.

During their reign (1977-1984), CRASS’ fans sent thousands of art pieces in support of their anarchist message. Visual artist, Gee Vaucher, has collected over 3,000 of these pieces, including fanzines, flyers, posters and original art pieces.

These works will be on display starting this Friday at Boo-hooray until October 20th.

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  1. balearic punk says:

    my next door neighbour in her lates 80s,can not afford to put her heating on,she is cold,angry and scared. but we will help her,unlike the torie parasites.if you suppport a torie government ,your rich,or fucking dumb.

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