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Jim James

Rockstars M.Ward and My Morning Jacket's Jim James love crème brûlée, apparently. They love it so much that they started a blog consisting of only crème brûlée reviews.

James, the more active reviewer at this point, waxes poetic about a "volcanic brulee de miel" from a Nashville restaurant and flan served by a strange old woman in Havana. "I am in a forest of cream," he writes, "my feet sink into sopping wet puddles of deliciousness with every step forward…all around me are trees of sugared caramel all covered in sweet lace burnt amber leaves…!"

Ward is more of a Hemingway in comparison: "youd have to be an idiot or lactose intolerant to not order" he says of a "cb" in Omaha.

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward of She & Him

The review system, based on a log icon, is open for reader input so start cracking in brûlées. There already seems to be some discrepancies concerning James' "infinite" logs rating. Hey, maybe if this thing takes off Zooey will write an endearing tune comparing crème brûlées to new love for the next She & Him album.

Read creme-bru-log here.

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