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Crystal Renn opens up about the pressures of being typecast. Renn has been named the princess of plus-size from designers, writers, critics and everyone in the public with their nose pressed towards the runway floor. However in this interview Renn explains how the title of "plus-size" has destructive tendencies.

"But where do I feel pressure? I feel pressure -- probably more from any place -- probably from the public and the media. I think that by placing a title on my head, which is "plus-size," and then the picture that these people have created in their mind about what plus-size actually is, I've basically failed you just with that."

This video gives you the feeling, Renn is reminding herself of something. She's balancing the irritation with being in the public eye to the perks that come with fame--perks like walking for Chanel or seeing Karl Lagerfeld's famous book collection.

The catch 22 of fame is something lots of famous people have complained about. But until one experiences it themselves, we have no idea what it's like to have your public image re-shaped controlled by the critics, media and the general public. This is why it is nice to hear Renn speak in this way.

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