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Damien Hirst's famous shark suspended in formaldehyde will be part of his exhibit at Tate Modern

Damien Hirst's retrospective at the Tate Modern brings together key works from over the past twenty years. The exhibition will include some of his most famous pieces including the shark suspended in formaldehyde as part of The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living series. You can also expect to see the medicine cabinets, pill cabinets, instrument cabinets and seminal paintings he made throughout his career using butterflies and flies as part of A Thousand Years.  The two-part installation In and Out of Love, which hasn't been shown in its entirety since its creation in 1991 and Pharmacy in 1992, is a highlight.

Damien Hirst
Tate Modern: Exhibition
4 April – 9 September 2012

In case you won't be making it to London before the show closes September 9, check out some images from the Damien Hirst Tate Modern exhibit below.

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