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It's been a month since we first posted about Dan Savage's "It Gets Better Project" and unlike many internet-based crusades that fall by the wayside, "It Gets Better" has become, well, better.

The website is now a warm eggplant-purple--now the official GLAAD color for gay suicide awareness--and they have over 100,000 public supporters of the project. The attention has attracted famous faces to the cause, or maybe it's the other way around. Regardless, it's heartwarming to see celebrities speak candidly about LGBTQ awareness.  Sarah Silverman's contribution is short and snappy. Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet include the phrase, "Who's the bitch now, bitches?" Tim Gunn gets personal about his own suicide attempt and Kathy Griffin outs gays from the Bible Belt. Even though it sounds like he's reading off the screen, it's also nice to know that Vinny from Jersey Shore can say "gay" without "that's" in front of it. Other clips include the likes of Michael Kors, Sia, Adam Lambert, Ciara, Chris Colfer (from Glee), Gloria Estefan, Jewel, Joel Madden, AJ McLean (the Backstreet Boy) and a montage of TV personalities that's mildly offensive due to its trite telethon-style empathy. The two heavy-hitters are Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama. Both speak earnestly about bullying and acceptance but we have to hand it to Savage who politely responded that the government should match their words with actions.

Watch Obama's clip above and then check out more of our favorites below.

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