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A preview of what's to come from Daniella Kallmeyer for f/w 2012 captured at (capsule)

Daniella Kallmeyer's spring/summer 2012 collection was ethereal, light, and magical, with an interesting duality in it's dark ink blot prints. The fall/winter 2012 collection continues on a similar trajectory with the inky blot print in more vivid colors. The stark whites from summer were replaced with superb galaxy prints, pure orange, and shiny, shiny leather. The prints could almost double up as lava lamp references, which is refreshing psychedelic touch to her classic, proper silhouettes. Daniella Kallmeyer is also on the collarless blazer this tip, but details like the peekaboo seams and sparkly textiles set her renditions apart. All in all, this is some extremely persuasive design--Daniella Kallmeyer is balancing elegance and simplicity with edginess and eccentricity better than most.

Have a first look at Daniella Kallmeyer's f/w '12 collection below. The galactic turtleneck is seriously so good.

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