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Meet Darcel, our newest, favorite hater. Claiming he lives one disappointing moment after another, this New York based character has won over our hearts with his somber sayings and cute glasses. In effort to cheer him up, Colette, has teamed up with him to create these understated adorable Bic lighters. They can be purchased here along with his Yes/No skateboard. We assume these lighters will be used for lighting happy things like birthday candles, fire works and camp fires for roasting marshmallows, right?

For more about Darcel, visit his blog here.

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2 Responses to “Darcel Disappoints Colette”

  1. Betsey J says:

    aw love em.
    I think I need the vomiting sucks one.

  2. […] attention to maybe one of the best takes we’ve seen on New York Fashion Week this season. Darcel Disappoints does Fashion Week in his “Faces of Fashion Week” series, depicting the likes of Olivier […]

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