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David lynch to open a club based on Club Silencio in Mulholland Drive

Some of the most jarring imagery in David Lynch's 2001 thriller, Mulholland Drive took place in the film's fictional theater of illusions, Club Silencio. The boîte de nuit (night club in French) lives in the gap between dreaming and waking, the uncertainty of living and the actuality of death, trauma and sex, pain and sadness, magic and violence.

For those who are drawn to the strange and dark intimacies of Lynch's film, a re-creation of that space might be the ideal social setting to unwind. Much to your (and our) liking, Lynch is pairing up with The Social Club's Arnaud Frisch to create a nightclub and culture house by the same name. Club Silencio is set to open this coming September on Rue Montmartre in Paris.

Lynch is currently creating the furniture and interior with designer, Raphael Navot. The members-only club will house a bar, an upscale art library, a private film theater and a stage venue for concerts and live performances. It is yet to be announced whether or not an in-house magician with terrifying sexual energy has been hired. It is also not yet clear how his involvement in this project is related to his recent ventures in electronic music. After releasing a couple singles this past year he announced the release of a completed full length electronic album this month.

We can, however, be certain of a few things. The entire club will be bathed in glowing blue light. And, of course, "No hay banda" there will be no band.

Listen to his single, "Good Day Today" below to get ready for Club Silencio.

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

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