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The dark-minded director works on a capsule collection for Supreme

Okay, so we're pretty convinced David Lynch is having a midlife crisis. Except, instead of buying a little red sports car or going tanning, he’s doing it all in a very Lynchy way. And it's working for him. Lest David Lynch do anything remotely normal. This year, he’s added a whole gaggle of new projects to his resume. First a Parisian nightclub, Silencio, based off a location form Mulholland Drive and then an LP called Crazy Clown Time, which sounds just like it's title suggests.

So when we tell you he designed t-shirts for Supreme, you're probably not shocked. The collection includes two designs: a Blue Velvet film still and a drawing by Mr. Lynch, which are available today for purchase.

Do you think the DJs at Silencio have to play a minimum Lynch quota? And will the bartenders be wearing these tees? We wonder.

See more from the David Lynch for Supreme collection below.

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